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Pest calendar and information

No one likes unwanted surprises, so plan ahead with our pest

Pests can damage your business and affect day to day life. Don’t let pests surprise you. Be aware of what time of the year you may be most prone to infestation and damage. Download our pest calendar to plan the year ahead.

Monthly pest activity

At Command Pest Control we have created a monthly pest diary, so you can see what the coming months may bring in more detail. The changing seasons allows species to either grow or dwindle in number, one month could see a rise in rodent activity, to the next seeing a fall in insect activity. We hope this detailed monthly pest calendar will help you plan better for the year head.

Pen sitting on a paper calendar
Rabbit on its hind legs in a field

January to April Activity

The cold frosty weather of January is a perfect time for rabbits to start their activity, however it’s a poor time for rats and mice as they seek shelter from the cold and seek shelter indoors. Moles start to appear and begin to create hills. Cluster flies emerge from winter hibernation, garden and black ants appear building nests and feral pigeons breed in march and their fouling is a threat to human health.

May to September Activity

In this period of the year moles are continuing to breed, wasps are beginning to build nests for their queens, varied carpet beetles are reported on windows and ledges. Moths and house flies breed rapidly, in warm days flying ants leave nests and breed. Cluster flies start entering buildings under tiles and roof tiles in large numbers.

Wasp buzzing near a window entrance

October to December Activity

Pets bedding maybe a source for Cat fleas (Siphonaptera) which bite humans, they appear when the days become colder. In November spiders begin to enter properties, in cold, frosty weather rabbits begin to become more active. Rats and mice start to shelter from the cold and are reported being seen around properties.

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